Monday, June 13, 2016

My continued tryst with the Zoom G3X

My fascination with this little tiny piece of gear seems to be increasing by the day…
My latest (at least for this blog) has been this and like before – “make it more usable and easy to use” and so I looked at what else (apart from what I have done previously – “MIDI controller”) is there to be done. And lo and behold there was still a couple of things that could be done.
This idea of course was borrowed from Ashbass (
I have pretty much done the same mods that Ashbass has done but have only changed the locations and did not do the Patch select mods since I am already using the Arduino based MIDI controller for selecting the 8 predefined patches.
With these mods I can also now do the following
1.       Tap tempo
2.       Scroll left and right &
3.       Start and Stop Rhythm

Now how cool is that… J


JonathaTiger2 said...

Congratulations ! i loved! and you do it for selling too?

Goran Sabljić said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Goran Sabljić said...

Hello Lawrence,
I sent you request for code and schematics of the project but nothing happens so I'm doing it again.
Please send me to

Thank you.

Best regards.

Paulo Renzo said...

Good job on the midi controllers. Would you mind sharing the MIDI messages used in both of your projects (70 and G3x) and the code. Thanks.

Thank you!

khanhzza456 said...

Hello Lawrence,

Can you share me the code and the schematics about this project?

Please send me to:

Thank you so much.

Best regards.

mankecik said...

Hi Lawrence,

Can you share me the code and the schematics about this project?

Please send me to:

Goran Sabljić said...

Did anyone receive some schematics fro this guy?

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