Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My tryst with a Arduino based control surface (like Korg Nano Kontrol)

Tryst of being a recording artist + sound engineer + song writer + guitar tech + pedal builder + electronics geek + Praise and worship team member + etc + etc
One of the many things that you want to do in the little time you get (make) in between being a full time husband, full time father and a full time employee at a MNC is making those hours / minutes count… make it matter as they in my company…
I have been enamored with this concept of making things as simple as it gets (KISS – keep it simple stupid – popularly known).
Coming to the point…
This is in context of having something recorded… like a song idea or something like a demo.
One of the pains of doing this recording thingy alone is this... You need to click something on the computer and quickly get yourself setup in front of the mic and / or position your guitar correctly in front of the mic and the problem gets compounded if you are going to be playing the guitar and singing…
Was wondering if there was something that can be done to make it SIMPLE / easy… a light bulb moment.. J
The DAW that I use is Mixcraft (a wonderful piece of software for a price that it is a downright steal for all the things that this guy offers - http://www.acoustica.com/mixcraft/).
Now a good thing that Mixcraft offers is an Android and IOS app to start, stop, record (on the same wifi network) etc… but this also I felt was a little cumbersome…  and soooo me knowing some programming and electronics, wondered if I can have a small foot switch kind of thing that can start playback, stop, record by STOMPING….
Now what I have done is created a small Arduino based MIDI controller to send MIDI start, stop and Rec message to the DAW via the MIDI port.

This is the project….

There are a lot of tutorials available on Mixcraft's website on how to configure a control surface... it is pretty straight forward.