Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My tryst with the Pedaltrain Jr.

My pedalboard becoming too cumbersome to carry, coupled with the fact that I needed to press a load of buttons to change one parameter on my VOX tone lab and seeing my dear dear pedals that I so caringly accumulated over the years gather dust.. I decided I am going to do something… scale down my pedal board and lo and behold when a friend wanted to sell his pedal train jr.. I thought maybe, just maybe, I can fit all the pedals I want in this little board (If not all, at least as much as I need to get though a Sunday).. So, this is my tryst with the Pedaltrain Jr.
For someone who makes pedalboards, going for a stock pedal board like the Pedaltrain Jr was a big no no… but off late I have been way too busy to do something like this and when this board came as a used one, I thought , why not…
The board that I got was kind a tall (I felt the board was way too tall and looked like it was on stilts…J) The previous owner had raised the board to almost 2-3” taller than the standard ones.
These are the mods that I did…
So, I removed the tall plastic bushings and replaced them with some smaller ones. Had to do this to fit the wall wart for my Joyo power supply and my 12 V power supply for the Nova Delay.
Drilled some holes to accommodate a power connector and installed a power strip at the bottom and soldered the power connector

Lastly, covered the white plastic bushings with some electrical tape to make it look more aesthetically pleasing J

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